ÜÇGE signaled that they will soon launch their innovative products and projects for health.

ÜÇGE General Director Esra Güven stated that as ÜÇGE, they continue to offer products for the health field, which is the most important sector of today, by combining the researches in the health sector, based on their experience and experience in the retail and logistics sector. Güven stated that they have realized the store and warehouse shelf systems of Turkey's largest pharmaceutical warehouses and hospitals, and of important drugstore chains and pharmacies abroad, especially in the Middle East and Europe. quality, design, digital technology, durability, safety, hygiene and of course the rapid completion of projecting, production and assembly processes come to the fore as the main criteria. The difference of ÜÇGE is more evident in meeting all of these criteria.” said.

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ÜÇGE signature in City Hospitals and Emergency Hospitals

Stating that they have implemented the storage systems of the city hospitals and emergency hospitals that have been opened recently, Güven also made a statement about these important projects. We have realized the pharmacy automatic shelf systems of Dr.Feriha Öz Emergency Hospital and Yeşilköy Prof.Dr.Murat Dilmener Emergency Hospital. As ÜÇGE, we produced and assembled the special shelf systems of the pharmacy rooms and the storage shelves of the pharmaceutical warehouses in these highly qualified giant hospitals. We have implemented applications in Pharmacy Warehouse, Biomedical Warehouse, Pharmacy Workspaces, Pharmacy Drug Distribution Areas, Pharmaceutical and Consumable Warehouse, Narcotic Drug Warehouse, Serum Warehouse, Cold Rooms, Logistics Building Equipment and General Warehouses, FTR Building Pharmacy Workspaces and warehouses. We produced special shelves and work desks where pharmacists can easily organize and distribute their medicines in pharmacy work areas, and completed their on-site assembly. In the practices of these hospitals, where the construction company areas were completed between forty-five and sixty days, we implemented the projects quickly and meticulously.


Health and Hygiene Focused New Products and Projects Coming Soon

Making a statement about its new projects, Güven said, “ÜÇGE is a company that always takes the lead in the sectors it targets and develops the sector in the best way possible. The systems we apply create very different effects in the health sector, and our work in the health sector encourages us to make brand new applications, design new product types, and continuously develop products with a domino effect. In addition, as ÜÇGE, we would like to inform you that we will be launching innovative products and projects, which we carry out studies for health and hygiene, very soon, with the confidence in our brand in the health sector.” said.




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