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ÜÇGE Warehouse Racking Systems is a company that offers innovative and high-quality storage solutions. The company, which has a leading structure with the 'firsts' it has created in the sector, implements important projects every year with its R&D department. It carries out successful projects within the scope of TÜBİTAK, BEBKA, TURQUM and SME support. 

With its customer-oriented approach, industry-leading technologies and expert team, it offers customized solutions for storage needs. Its goal is to increase customers' operational efficiency, optimize storage space and reduce costs. Its priority is to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with products that combine reliability, durability and performance.

Warehouse Racking Systems

Warehouse Systems

Systems that increase storage efficiency, reduce errors and optimize business processes

Warehouse Systems

Flexible storage solution for warehouses requiring low volume and low mobility

Semi Automated
Warehouse Systems

Innovative mobile systems used to optimize storage spaces and increase efficiency

Warehouse Systems

Storage racking solutions for innovative and special needs
Systems that offer


Automated Warehouse Systems

Frequently Asked Questions About AS/RS

AS/RS stands for Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems. These systems are used to automate storage processes and increase efficiency. AS/RS usually includes automated handling systems with storage areas consisting of high shelves. Automatic transport vehicles take products from shelves, move them and place them in the desired sections. It optimizes operations by working integrated with the warehouse management system.

  • High storage capacity: AS/RS ensures maximum use of storage space with high shelves and automatic transport vehicles.
  • Fast and accurate storage: Automatic transport vehicles quickly store products and place them in the right places, minimizing human errors.
  • Labor efficiency: AS/RS reduces labor needs and provides a more efficient business by minimizing human dependency in operations.
  • Simultaneous operations: AS/RS can handle multiple operations simultaneously, which helps speed up warehouse processes.
  • Warehouse management: AS/RS works integrated with warehouse management systems and provides control over issues such as inventory tracking, order management and operational efficiency.