AS/RS MultiPAL Automated Storage Systems

MultiPAL AS/RS (automatic stacking and unloading) systems, which are unmanned, fully automatic storage solutions, are ideal solutions especially for warehouses with high product density and relatively low number of SKUs. Performing internal warehouse movements with three different devices on three different axes is one of the features that increase the speed and efficiency of the system. 

Within the loading and unloading system, up-down transportation in the Y axis is carried out by special pallet elevators in the system, while transportation in the X and Z directions is carried out by TransCAR and UltraCAP shuttles. Thanks to this structure, simultaneous loading, placing, receiving and unloading operations can be carried out in the warehouse, thus it will be possible to use the warehouse cycle speed to the maximum. 

The use of independent machines in smart warehouse systems also makes the project design flexible and makes it easier to organize areas suitable for stocking in buildings with very different structures as fully automatic warehouses with high efficiency.

High-Tech Storage System Energy Solutions​

MultiPAL system, which offers an innovative energy supply opportunity that works with highly computerized systems; They remain in constant contact with energy through the busbars laid on the rails on which the TransCAR shuttles run, thus automatically providing their own energy and receiving the necessary supply from these lines to charge the UltraCAP shuttles they carry. Thus, all movements within the system are made without any manual charging or similar requirements. It facilitates intermediate stock control. In addition, while designing the warehouse shelving system, R&D studies are carried out based on heavy loads.
MultiPAL as rs storage systems, which provide high space efficiency in warehouses that need to work at high speeds, especially suitable for in-depth stocking, are the ideal solutions for growing companies with error-free stock control and high operational efficiency.

If brands that include smart factories arguments for the future and think innovatively under the title of warehouse shelving systems adopt AS/RS systems in their warehouses, it will be possible for the warehouse area to reach all points in mass production or production process at the same time. Also, like the food industry cold weather and dull For companies that need warehouses, the reduction in cooling costs provided by providing maximum storage in minimum space makes MultiPAL AS RS systems attractive for these companies. We continue to grow exponentially in the field of warehouse shelving systems with the latest technological products that emerge as a result of investments made in the field of industrial warehouse shelving systems. Warehouse shelf prices vary in each system, and you can contact us by filling out the contact form for detailed information.

Fully Automatic Stacking Solutions and Industry 4.0

MultiPAL as rs systems, one of the robotic solutions of ÜÇGE Depo Raf Sistemleri A.Ş., with its flexible software infrastructure, integrates with the companies' ERP system, paving the way for companies to digitalize all their processes with the industry 4.0 approach.