About Us

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ÜÇGE DRS Warehouse Racking Systems offers innovative warehouse solutions and produces smart storage solutions with heavy and light load warehouse shelving systems specially designed for the retail, logistics and industrial sectors. Our company, which produces customer-specific solutions, provides an annual production capacity of approximately 5,000 tons of Sleeper production and 60,000 tons of Highrack Leg production.

ÜÇGE DRS is a pioneer not only in its products but also in its global vision. By focusing on our sustainable goals, we attach importance to environmentally friendly and energy efficient production processes. This not only provides economic advantages to our customers, but also helps our globally recognized products contribute to a sustainable future.

The basic philosophy of our company is to ensure customer satisfaction with quality, economical and on-time production. Our internationally renowned products are accepted in terms of benefit-price relationship and add value to the business world in 77 countries of the world. ÜÇGE Family carries the pride of Turkish industry by exporting 40 percent of its production and invests in high-tech production lines to respond to increasing demands.