Göymen Food – Curtain Wall AS/RS


The Fully Automatic AS/RS system, designed and produced with a construction type that is rare in the world, was also the choice of the giant of the food industry, Göymen Food. Göymen Food, known for its deep-rooted history of more than half a century and its structure that constantly keeps up with technology, preferred ÜÇGE DRS's Fully Automatic Curtain Wall Pallet AS/RS System, which has a sustainable new generation technology, in order to strengthen its warehouse and shipping processes with autonomous activities. Determining the storage capacity as 10,000 pallets and deciding to implement the project, Göymen Food chose ÜÇGE DRS's robotic industrial storage technologies and patented Automatic AS/RS system PAŞA.
This giant warehouse project of Göymen Food stands out with the high capacity and flexibility it brings to the sector. This warehouse, which has a capacity of 10,000 pallets, offers an effective solution in both storage and production processes with its 125x15m floor dimensions and 25m height. ÜÇGE DRS's leadership in warehouse solutions plays a decisive role in increasing operational efficiency and providing competitive advantage in this project. The automatic curtain wall pallet AS/RS system within the warehouse increases daily operational efficiency by managing pallet movements quickly and effectively. In addition, the storage capacity of 6000 pallets of 1000 kg further strengthens its competitive advantage in the sector. This success story makes a significant contribution to Turkey's economic and industrial success with its approach focused on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Göymen Food and ÜÇGE DRS continue to contribute to Turkey's power in the national and international arena by maintaining their leading positions in the sector.
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