AS/RS Pallet Automatic Storage Racking Systems

Robot stackers (stacker-craines) are preferred in automatic pallet storage racking systems and high-altitude asrs pallet racking systems where entry-exit speeds are very high. Storage can be done up to a height of 40 meters. Access capacity is high. There is no need for an operator in the storage area. By saving time, the preparation time of orders is reduced. The speeds of automatic storage and unloading systems are around 150 m/min. According to the load capacity needed in the stock area and pallet entry-exit speed; The design of the warehouse and the speed of the fully automatic stacking robot used are easily adaptable. The entire warehouse is run through a single warehouse management software.

Automatic Storage and Unloading Systems

Robot stackers perform the stacking and unloading of products in parallel movements in accordance with the orders received from the warehouse management software. This efficiency-increasing application not only saves heavy labor but also saves energy. Pallet stacking tower robots maintain their balance with the help of the profile placed on the corridor and move safely in the X direction on the rail placed on the floor. Automatic pallet storage racking systems, which are the largest part of the smart storage system in the warehouse area, are steel shelving, also known as industrial shelving among industrial shelving systems; It is the name given to automatic storage systems, also known as automatic storage shelving systems, where palletized products manage the rapid product storage life cycle and have the most efficient stock keeping capacity.

Industrial storage automation is a concept that emerges as a result of the automatic management of technological carriers, cranes and tower robots supported by high innovation in industrial product storage shelves. According to the required load capacity and pallet entry-exit speed of the smart storage system in the stock area; The design of the warehouse and the speed of the fully automatic stacking robot used can be easily adapted. In automated pallet storage racking systems, the entire warehouse is operated through a single warehouse management software. Robot stackers perform the stacking of products and unloading systems in parallel movements in accordance with the orders received from the product warehouse shelf automation software. This application also provides warehouse efficiency by saving energy.

Smart Warehouse Systems Solutions

Smart warehouse systems enable palletized products to be stocked at any point at the desired shelf height.

The biggest advantage of the smart warehouse system is the integrated execution of AS RS automatic storage and retrieval systems and product warehouse management software, which offer extraordinary results in storage solutions with the automatic storage and retrieval system while keeping the pallets in stock safely on the shelf for the desired periods of time.

ÜÇGE Warehouse Racking Systems offers its powerful technological warehouse solutions to the whole world from its Bursa - Mustafakemalpaşa production facilities, focusing on the customer trust and satisfaction created by the smart storage system in the warehouse area, the power of its competent personnel, and unique project management project models.

Advantages of Automatic Pallet Storage Racking Systems

Automatic pallet storage racking systems offer a logistics management in which unwanted costs and risks in the warehouse area are minimized and provide high-speed storage and warehouse management efficiency in loading and unloading systems operations. In smart warehouse system solutions, fully automatic storage, where fast storage is provided by the application of the FIFO method on pallet racking systems, helps in establishing high-capacity warehouse management systems as well as high performance options in shipping, which are needed by the supply chain in the logistics sector. The main goal of smart warehouse shelving systems is to perform loading and unloading operations in automatic storage and unloading systems as accurately and as quickly as possible. In semi-automatic systems, it helps make up for time lost while the pallet is unloaded from the rack or loaded onto storage racks.

AS/RS Frequently Asked Questions

What is pallet storage?

At the automation level of palletized products; It is a combination of elevator shelving systems hardware, controls and software systems, which include quickly taking it to the storage area, taking the location information into the database and finding it from the storage area point when necessary.

How to calculate pallet automatic storage capacity?

Palletized automatic storage system capacity includes various calculation models for current storage setup or changing needs. Depending on the headings, which are important criteria in the product life cycle, shipping process metrics such as pallet circulation speed and lead time are the first stage.

The next stages vary depending on the size of the warehouse, the energy efficiency of the system to be built and the storage conditions. Crawler automatic systems do not add value to the writing speed of data for the stored product capacity of WMS software.

The best way to find an answer to this question is to reach the sales personnel of storage systems manufacturer companies.

What are the components of palletized automatic warehouse racking systems?

AS RS palletized fully automatic warehouse management system: It consists of carrier cranes with robotic automation that can connect with WMS software, also known as PAŞA, heavy steel shelving systems, conveyor carrier systems, electrical panel system and connection equipment.

  1. Colon
  2. Lift
  3. Car
  4. Control Panel
  5. telescopic
  6. Fork
  7. Elevator Engine
  8. Motion Engine
  9. Maintenance Platform
  10. Elevator Motor Platform
  11. Control Panel Platform
  12. Elevator Platform
  13. Maintenance Ladder

How to ensure the security of automatic storage systems?

PAŞA Warehouse shelving systems occupational safety and warehouse shelving systems periodic control topics should be discussed together with the project management process after-sales services policy, as the manufacturer and the supporting company, with the brand's OHS control personnel and occupational safety experts. ÜÇGE Warehouse Racking Systems recommends the highest level of security and periodic control services to its customers in all processes of its patented product PAŞA pallet AS/RS. The inspection report of rack systems in compliance with the TS EN 15635 standard and the qualification controls of work equipment and the warehouse security measures taken are the responsibility of the warehouse management. According to the TS EN 15635 standard, employees are given short training on issues such as maintenance, labeling, stacking, and the condition of pallets that customers need to do in line with the standards regarding shelf systems.