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Durable Goods Warehouse Racking

Durable consumer goods storage systems, even though they are described and categorized as "durable", should be transported and stored very carefully, like many other products. To prevent anything from happening to consumers with the products they purchase, manufacturers begin to take precautions from the very beginning of the production line.

The main products to be stored are; Basic products such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, stoves, vacuum cleaners, and small household appliances such as toasters, juicers, blenders, as well as air conditioners, water heaters, water heaters, water purifiers, etc. are products. Durable consumer goods are stored so that they do not deteriorate easily and have a long product life cycle. Industrial shelving systems that will remain in stock should be selected in line with these features.

Durable Consumer Goods Storage Systems are closed or open areas within the supply chain, used to stack, store and design materials according to their types and to protect these materials at different times for various purposes. Although durable consumer goods stacked in warehouses are part of most companies' factories, some companies keep warehouses outside the factories where they produce and carry out their stacking work in areas far from the factory.

Durable Consumer Goods Storage Systems​

With developing technology, communication systems within warehouses have also improved. In this way, errors are tried to be prevented. The warehouses used in the past have been replaced by smart warehouses today. In order to ensure that durable consumer goods are transported without any problems, companies have begun to choose to rely on smart warehouse systems.

While the widespread use of smart warehouse systems was not a preferred option for companies in the first years due to their higher investment costs than other warehouse systems, today they have become the preferred smart shelving systems to reduce personnel costs.

Smart Warehouse Racking Systems

Most of the companies that produce durable consumer goods ensure that their products are stored in a healthy way by using Smart Storage Shelf systems.

Warehouse systems, which significantly prevent the consumer from sending the purchased product back for exchange, have begun to be preferred to prevent the return of durable consumer goods from the end consumer. In this way, a logistics network is provided where consumers do not have any problems.

You can examine our reference warehouse systems where durable consumer goods warehouse management is carried out by our business partners who want to manage their operational processes well and trust ÜÇGE Warehouse Racking Systems expert team and production technology in the field of storage systems needs.