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DIY Warehouse Shelf Systems

Construction market warehouse shelving systems, warehouse market systems and market shelving systems are generally used for stocking light and medium products. 
With construction market warehouse shelving systems, products are easily stocked by hanging them on the boards.
Since the products in construction markets are variable, volumetric and will be used constantly, it is of great importance that they are located in an area where employees can see them.
Construction market shelving systems can also be used to display stocked products with barcode reader systems. It is designed to be compatible with barcode reader systems. It also provides easy stacking while reading the product barcode. Steel shelves can easily carry heavy loads. It makes the sales system advantageous by providing easy organization.

Advantages of DIY Market Warehouse Shelving Systems

  • Faucets, tiles, etc. included in the products in the tool kit. products are stocked.
  • It is advantageous to save time in the sales process and to have easily accessible shelves.
  • The use of this shelving system may be more suitable in narrow and high areas.
  • It is easy to mount, install and disassemble and is a modular system.
  • Prices of store shelving systems and warehouse market shelving systems vary depending on the area, floor, height and amount of materials used.