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Cleaning & Hygiene Warehouse Racking

Cleaning and hygiene storage systems are areas where products are positioned to protect them from weather conditions, temperature, humidity and similar elements that may pose a threat depending on the structure of the product, to store them correctly and to transfer them to the necessary places in the most efficient way.

The answer to the question of whether a different application is made in the form of cleaning products shelves and hygiene products shelves in cleaning hygiene products storage systems should be sought. Hygiene products stocking and cleaning products storage systems are carried out through metal shelving systems or steel shelving systems through warehouse management systems software or manual controls.

It is necessary to pay attention to environmental conditions and product stocking safety in the storage systems of businesses in the manufacturing sector of cleaning and hygiene storage systems products. Especially stocked cleaning products on packaging and pallet shelves may cause problems for stocked pallets in the warehouse area when affected by environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature. When this problem occurs, it also endangers all other fast-moving consumer products in the business warehouses in the storage rack systems.


Steel shelves are the most useful structural product for warehouse stock management of fast moving consumer goods and cleaning and hygiene products. What is needed for the continuity of the supply chain is to realize the correct pallet stock placement and at the same time to manage the warehouse management operationally correctly through the warehouse management system WMS.

Automated warehouses and semi-automatic warehouse systems; It develops processes for accelerating high-efficiency storage for the hygiene and cleaning products (FMCG) category, generally under the name "Fast Moving Consumer Goods", and shipment processes, especially under product life cycle rules in e-commerce.

Cleaning and Hygiene Storage Systems Features

When cleaning and hygiene storage systems features and FMCG products are desired to be stocked with manual warehouse systems, it is necessary to include collector personnel hand terminals and forklifts that advance operational processes at high speeds in the warehouse into the warehouse systems project. For this reason, although manual warehouse systems are low-cost, the cleaning and hygiene products industry achieves maximum success by managing storage systems and real stock management efficiency through automatic warehouse shelving systems.  

You can examine our reference warehouse systems, where our business partners, who want to manage their operational processes well and trust the ÜÇGE Warehouse Racking Systems expert team and production technology in the field of storage systems needs, carry out warehouse management of hygiene and cleaning products.

How should the cleaning and hygiene goods warehouse systems be laid out?

Inventory plays an important role in all stages of supply chain management and its main purpose is to reduce uncertainty. The purpose of warehouse layout is to maximize the use of available warehouse space by keeping inventory costs to a minimum. Well-designed shelf space can improve warehouse utilization and reduce inventory investment. The goal of an effective stock control and planning system is to prevent the business from incurring losses due to running out of products in stock. Durable consumer goods, which are stored on steel shelves, also known as industrial shelves, can be stored for a long time and should be stored using the maximum height. High performance ASRS automatic storage system or rack storage system designed depending on the raw material storage rules and type generally indicate the best choice.

What are the storage systems for the cleaning and hygiene product production sector?

Products should generally be packaged on pallet racks and stored in a way that provides protection against environmental factors. Pallet racking systems should be designed in such a way that warehouse and shipping operations are most efficient within the scope of warehouse management and within the framework of occupational safety rules of warehouse racking systems. Storage systems for many raw materials and finished materials belonging to the production sector; There should be automatic, semi-automatic or manual industrial warehouse shelving systems. It is important to maximize warehouse efficiency in terms of loading and unloading, fast storage metrics and space. While mobile warehouses generally save space, they provide more effective storage with movement. Additionally, warehouse management automation is facilitated thanks to the easily addressable system. Automated warehouse systems provide the most accurate solutions at warehouse and shipping points through warehouse shelf automation, while also offering high-speed storage opportunities for cleaning and hygiene products.

How to ensure the safety of storage systems for the hygiene and cleaning goods production sector?

The topics of warehouse shelving systems occupational safety and warehouse shelving systems periodic control should be discussed together with the project management process and after-sales services policy, as the manufacturer and the supporting company, with the brand's OHS control personnel and occupational safety experts. The inspection report of heavy shelving systems in compliance with the TS EN 15635 standard and the qualification controls of work equipment and the warehouse security measures taken are the responsibility of the warehouse management. In addition, due to the chemical effects of the materials and raw materials in the cleaning and hygiene product warehouses, it is inevitable that there will be many OHS items that are expected to be added to the occupational safety report. According to the TS EN 15635 standard, short training is given to employees on issues such as maintenance, labeling, stacking, and the condition of pallets that customers need to do in line with the standards regarding the shelving system.