Quality Policy

As ÜÇGE DRS; We consider it our duty to contribute to the diversity and development of the sector we serve.
We consider our main goal to be among the first preferred companies in the international market with the principles of Strength, Trust, Glory (ÜÇGE).
As ÜÇGE DRS; We consider customer satisfaction as our basic condition and our entire team works with this awareness. We know that development and efficiency require continuous improvement, and we always strive to achieve better. We accept the concept of total quality as our common understanding and fulfill the requirements of quality standards in all our processes.
We prefer high technology in order to maintain our national leadership in our sector and to be among the world leaders. We consider it our duty to work with suppliers who embrace our understanding and win together. We exhibit an approach that values the environment and nature with social responsibility awareness in every place we are located. With the awareness that our most important value is people, we support the participation of our employees and attach importance to their happiness, health and safety.