ODIS Automatic Vertical Storage System

Today's storage concept; It aims to save space, provide the highest efficiency with the lowest possibilities in time and cost. Different innovative smart approaches used by innovative automatic vertical storage systems provide very high volume storage capacity in very small spaces.

A facility that prefers vertical stacking technology on a 14 square meter floor area will have a vertical storage volume of 840 square meters. In addition, the acceleration of the movement of semi-finished products, which are directed to the production lines and the shipment point, forms the basis for the improvement of all operational processes based on use for many years.

ODİS, which has a versatile solution with its ability to be used in the retail, e-commerce, store and storage sectors, makes a great contribution to the transformation of warehouse areas into high-tech structures. It is extremely suitable for models that are different from each other and have different features. 

Warehouse shelves provide energy efficiency by providing energy efficiency according to your needs and features. It takes up little space and allows you to store it as desired. The products in the infrastructure of ÜÇGE, which bring innovative solutions according to the needs, aim to serve the customers in the best way with the technology they have in the industrial warehouse shelving systems. It allows you to reduce costs thanks to the optimization of warehouse capacity.

With ODIS smart software technology, which can be quickly integrated with most MES/ERP systems integrated into ODIS; It has the features of measuring the weight of the products on the shelves, tracking how long they are on the shelf depending on the expiry date, and comparing the stock numbers both physically and digitally.

Warehouse Optimization and Vertical Stacking with ODIS

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In the racking system for the warehouse, internal investments are usually focused on the production part of the companies, and for this reason the fundamental aspects of the logistics processes are neglected. Generally, the first impression when looking at the warehouses of large companies; excess of area loss, insufficient regulation and the inefficient use of human resources trying to find the right material in the shortest and most effective way possible. Warehouse shelf models, warehouse shelf prices vary according to the application. Planning is done by determining feasibility and on-site customer visits.

In order to organize a warehouse in the best way, first of all, different types of materials and the input-output flow of these materials should be analyzed in detail. Many benefits brought by the use of lift technology contribute to the solution of sectoral problems.


Vertical Storage Strategy

Increase in Efficiency with Vertical Lift Modules

  • Statik sistemlerde %60, dinamik sistemlere göre %30’a varan verimlilik sağlar.
  • It makes your work easier with its developed smart ordering/material picking algorithm.
  • Zeminden %90’a varan alan kazancı sağlar.
  • It provides job security.
  • It provides easy, safe and fast access to the product. Provides aggregation as SKU.
  • Provides high-capacity storage.
  • All of the products brought to the collection department become needed products.
  • While saving space, it provides the possibility of fault detection.

Intelligent storage systems vertical lift modules are vertical automatic warehouses that generally consist of two storage columns, one at the front and one at the back, and an elevator in the middle that serves both. Materials are stored in trays supported on rack rails, which are an integral part of the storage column structure.

In cases where the correct storage method is not used In a long time, even the largest warehouses become overfilled. Considering the increasing cost of usable space on the ground, it makes sense to use the available space more effectively. The solution to be implemented is to increase the storage capacity in the vertical direction. A standard warehouse with an average ceiling height of 7 to 9 meters and a typical vertical lift module, which can have a floor area of 15 square meters, have the same capacities as a static warehouse racking systems, equivalent to 300 square meters.

The unit height and unit load capacity of vertical carousels do not approach the unit height and unit load capacity of lifts. This makes Vertical Carousels suitable for only a few select applications. There are many benefits brought by the use of lift technology.

Trays are then automatically retrieved and presented to the operator on demand in the receive/load section(s). Vertical lift modules should not be confused with other technologies such as vertical carousels that do not provide the same flexibility and performance compared to lift.

Modular Flexibility

In the smart storage system, modern vertical lift modules are modular in structure; this means that these modules can adapt to changing situations as needed and are revolving storage systems. It is an innovative solution that simplifies warehouse logistics. Vertical storage height unit; its total height can be adjusted according to the ceiling height of the building, trays can be added or removed from the unit for additional or different storage needs, and in some cases the unit can be moved to other parts of the building or even to a different building.

In addition, a dynamic line created between 2 different ODIS storage units is one of the unique solutions for the development of the internal material supply channel.

Material Supply Automation with ODIS

In recent years, processes in the logistics sector have become increasingly important to ensure adequate competitiveness in all industries served. The periods of global economic and raw material crisis caused the operations managers, who needed more efficiency in every part of the facilities, to re-evaluate the processes of internal procurement and resource movements. It provides cost savings thanks to the optimization of the existing warehouse capacity.

In vertical carousels, the trays are placed at fixed heights depending on the pitch of the selected tray and the entire load is rotated in a vertical circle to present the correct tray to the operator(s). 
ODIS Vertical Stacking Storage System

Internal Supply Efficiency of Materials

Saving time is an important issue for any business. In a traditional warehouse, operators are expected to walk, drive, find the right material stored in difficult or hard-to-reach places, pick it up, and return it. As well as defining this process, its implementation is time-consuming and error-prone. It often requires skilled operators to navigate the warehouse and locate the stock keeping unit.

With the vertical lift module, these operations become extremely simple. Stock keeping units are stored in the tower; all the operator(s) need is to request the necessary materials using the easy-to-use operator console. After the tray containing the required stock holder is presented to the operator, material only needs to be picked up/loaded as required.

Accuracy in Receiving Materials

The possibility of sending commands directly to the vertical lift module via the ERP/MES system or WMS warehouse management software significantly reduces the possibility of the operator making mistakes in the material receiving or loading processes. In addition, it strengthens the vertical lift units with material reception assistant equipments with different features, ensuring that the errors in material intake are reduced to almost zero during the application.

ODIS Vertical Storage Improved Conditions UCGEDRS

Safety of Stored Material

What is required is how to safely store costly materials. Such secure storage is almost impossible in a conventional warehouse with static shelving systems. Thanks to the vertical lift module, an automatic door prevents all possible physical access to the material stored in the unit. In addition to this physical barrier, only selected operators are allowed access to the relevant unit, and even to each of the trays, through password policies and user authentication devices such as ID reader or RFID tag reader.

Improvement in Working Conditions

Ease of Material Outgoing to the Operator

From the operator's point of view, it is a great improvement that he does not have to walk through the warehouse or climb stairs/stairs just to reach the required stock keeping unit. The operator's daily work, which reduces the risk of injury, also becomes more physically effortless. ODIS vertical stacking system solution, which offers the most accurate solutions within the scope of OHS regulations, fulfills all responsibilities under the heading of protecting the health and work safety of employees.

Time Management in the Warehouse

As in the traditional method, the operator does not try to reach the material. With ODIS, the material reaches the operator. Thanks to the most effective integrated solutions, vertical lift modules; It can receive receive or refill commands from warehouse or production software with almost no operator intervention.


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