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Pallet Dynamic Sliding Racking Systems

Pallet dynamic sliding shelving systems are warehouse shelving systems that provide a controlled flow of palletized products of the same size and content, loaded into the channels where roller cassettes with %4 inclination are placed on dynamic shelves, from the entrance direction to the exit direction under the influence of gravity, thanks to the feature of the rolls. Sliding rack system is a storage system that does not require energy, using the physical law of gravity model, where stacked palletized products are loaded from the opposite direction and unloaded from the opposite direction.

It consists of channels with a roller system so that the pallets slide directly in the direction of unloading, thanks to the slope on them. Palletized dynamic sliding rack warehouses are used in this area, the dispatch area, for stocking and preparing for shipment. The control of products that have a short stock life and may deteriorate in a short time can be done practically and easily. R.Due to the structure of AF reels, they can be adapted to different types of materials.

Advantages of Pallet Sliding Racking Systems

  • Gravity force towards the discharge direction provides the system energy through sliding shelf roller channels.
  • This type of warehouses; It may be located in the shipping department, buffer areas or logistics preparation storage areas.
  • In the pallet dynamic storage system, it is easy to control products with a certain short expiration date.
  • Although dynamic shelving is a manual warehouse system, it adapts to automatic material flow using physical forces.
  • It is the storage system with the most appropriate working model in a warehouse with fast stock movements.
  • It can adapt to pallets and stacking equipment of different sizes.
    Pallet rotation – FIFO first-in, first-out system
  • It saves time because pallets are not moved by human power.
    It makes it easier for you to prepare systematic and regular orders.
  • It makes stock control in the dynamic shelving system more controlled.