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Narrow Aisle Warehouse Racking System

Narrow aisle warehouse shelving system, back to back warehouse shelving systemThis narrow corridor warehouse system, which is another application of the warehouse, is also called high altitude shelving system. It is a system that aims to provide maximum storage in minimum space by using narrow space stacking devices (VNA, Man-Up) in high warehouses. The most important advantage provided by this racking system is that pallets can be loaded and unloaded with the stacker used, and order preparation can be carried out directly from the pallets for products at the highest altitude.

The features specified in the back-to-back shelving system are used for project planning and technical conditions within the warehouse system.

Since the aisle working distance of the stacker is less than other narrow rack systems, the pallet warehouse space capacity is higher. Depending on the brand and model of the device to be used, the necessary shelf space should be left in the corridor. Average 1950 mm corridors are sufficient. To reach the products, the operator moves up with the stacking device and picks up the product.

Making the corridors in the system as long as possible increases efficiency. In some projects, magnetic tapes on the ground may also be preferred for the stacking device. In this way, these systems provide a more comfortable driving and safety for the use of stacking devices.

Special solutions allow storage up to 16 meters high. The shelving warehouse system can be easily used in businesses that want to store as many products as possible in the used areas and carry heavy loads. In these systems, the warehouse floor must be in suitable conditions for the installation and use of the narrow aisle warehouse shelving system. For information please contact us

What are the Advantages of Narrow Aisle Warehouse Racking System?

  • More efficient use of space due to minimum space and maximum altitude requirements
  • Having a warehouse with narrower shelves compared to classical shelving systems
  • Access to high-level products
  • Possibility of higher level of operation compared to classical shelving systems
  • Minimum staff employment opportunity
  • Warehouse racking systems are systems used for storing heavy loads.