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Box Dynamic Warehouse Racking Systems

The Carton Flow Collection Unit system offers a fast and flexible solution to transport components to assembly stations without interruption.

You can easily adjust the shelves to ensure efficient movement of packages of various sizes. The sliding bin racking system can be built as a fixed unit and is flexible enough to allow for changing and evolving warehouse layouts due to its modularity. Alternatively, it can be integrated into pallet racking at any lower level below bulk storage. The kanban system, which increases flexibility in the floor plan, is a suitable system for warehouses with heavy loads. 

There is a fact that Kanban systems are designed to provide just-in-time production and provide convenience in such dynamic systems. Kanban, one of the most important elements of the current process, ensures the flow of shelves with a dynamic box system instead of mounting them on the walls. It works on the principle that the reels feed with a push and pull system. It can be used with wooden shelves suitable for use as decorative shelves. It may not be suitable for use as a wall shelf. Wall shelf models are more adaptable to use in more production systems. In addition to being used in homes and offices, shelf models are much more suitable for industrial purposes. User opinions who prefer these shelves are very positive. Many of our products, which provide convenience in both working and living areas, are offered for the purpose of use of our customers. ÜÇGE AŞ aims to provide the best service to its customers by managing its process policies very well.

Advantages of KANBAN Dynamic Shelving System

  • Adjustable, ergonomic shelves; Used for maximum processor efficiency.

  • Separate loading and unloading; The collection process can be carried out without interruption on both sides.

  • For cardboard storage, higher packing density means more space.

  • It reduces product transportation distances and picking times.

  • It has simple and fast installation.

  • Labor is saved with a regular collection and stacking system.
  • It reduces operating costs and enables the workflow to be much faster and more efficient with low capital.

In Which Area Applications Can KANBAN Dynamic Shelving System Be Used?

  • Assembly Line

  • Order Picking

  • Packaging

  • Shipping Area

    It is a box transportation and service system that provides “just in time” parts directly at the point of use.

    The system can be easily adjusted if needs or volume changes, simultaneously ensuring maximum delivery and security of supply with low inventory levels and minimal capital commitment. It is implemented by adapting the optimal solution for automatic replenishment on your site according to the required items and the individual working situation and requirements. It focuses on maximum and optimum availability of the right product at the right time, in the right place, in the right quantity. Suitable for use on a wide variety of diverse and unique products.