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Defence Industry Warehouse Racking

Defense industry storage systems is a sector that generally includes the industrial business environment related to the production and service provision of defense tools and equipment required for national security. It is an industry responsible for the production and sale of weapons and military technology. 

Defense industry products include weapons, artillery weapons, ammunition, missiles, military aircraft, military vehicles, ships, electronic systems, night vision equipment, holographic weapon sights, laser rangefinders, laser sights, grenades, mines, etc. countable.

In our geography, the expressions of defense and endurance are indicators of the element of power. The use of automatic, semi-automatic or manual storage systems in the defense sector offers the most efficient solution to the needs of the sector, while at the same time the innovative approach provided by the shelving systems and these advantages; It enables equipment integrated with warehouse management software systems to be included in the automatic storage system topology.

Defense Industry Storage Systems Features

Defense industry storage systems, which emerged for the purpose of storing raw materials and spare parts to support the production lines of companies, control of stocks and preservation of products coming from production facilities, have changed and developed in terms of both scope, purpose and application with the development of the industry. It is widely used in order to minimize the disruptions in the production process, to ensure the smooth flow of raw materials and finished products, and to eliminate loss of time and damages that may arise from this. 

In order to increase the benefit from storage operations; It is necessary to know the warehouse shelving system to be chosen well, to design the warehouse in the most appropriate way, to choose the correct storage policy and methods, and to decide in advance which products will be stored and how. Warehouse shelving system design to be prepared according to the needs of the sector; It should offer maximum storage opportunity in minimum space, high access speed to products, and most importantly, a high level of durability and protection for the delicate and rare products of the defense industry.

Sensitive information arising as a result of research and development activities carried out in the defense industry sector is shared on a limited basis within the scope of information confidentiality.