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Architect of MOBİPAL Mobile Warehouse Shelving System: ÜÇGE DRS

ÜÇGE DRS, which has implemented the first mobile warehouse shelving system in Turkey with 100% domestic production, continues to create warehouse systems that allow maximum storage in minimum space.
MOBIPAL Mobile Warehouse Racking Systems are semi-automatic warehouse shelving systems equipped with a modern control system, where the shelves are built on a mobile base (sub-chassis) and guided by rails on the floor. It can also be said that it is a type of back-to-back storage system that allows increasing the capacity of the warehouse without losing direct access to each pallet. Unlike the back-to-back warehouse system, a single aisle space is sufficient instead of the aisles that need to be left after each row of shelves. A command is sent to the system via the remote control from which shelf the product will be taken, and the shelves move on rails and open a corridor in front of that shelf, allowing products to be taken.

Why Should MOBİPAL Mobile Warehouse System Be Preferred?

MOBİPAL Mobile Shelving System, which allows vertical storage and receiving the desired material with a single corridor and provides maximum storage in minimum space, saves floor and space by increasing the storage capacity at a very high rate. Providing direct access to all shelves, the system optimizes storage capacity efficiently and an increase of up to one hundred percent in the total number of pallet spaces is observed. Thanks to its semi-automation technology, it offers a perfect solution to meet needs with its modular concept and intelligent control system. Managing the system with only one personnel shows how efficient the system achieves storage processes.

- Mobile Warehouse System Working Up to 25 C Degree

The system, which allows ninety percent more product storage, is especially preferred in the manufacturer's own warehouses, the automotive industry and frozen warehouses.
MOBİPAL system is an ideal solution for frozen product preservation in cold storages. 

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Mobile Shelving Systems increase storage capacity by making storage areas more dense. This provides the opportunity to store more products in the same area. It provides the opportunity to store more products in small areas by reducing the need for storage space. It provides lower energy costs by optimizing storage space. It provides faster and easier access to stored products and ships the products more quickly and efficiently. It helps manage products better, increases storage efficiency and product tracking. Additionally, Mobile Shelving Systems allow products to be stored with less risk of damage. This reduces product losses and the costs of reprocessing damaged products.
For these reasons, using mobile shelving systems in cold storage allows more effective use of storage space. It has many advantages such as lower costs and more efficient storage management.

Safe Working Environment with OHS Precautions Taken

As with all solutions of ÜÇGE DRS; Security is also prioritized in the MOBİPAL Mobile Warehouse System. There are many different security measures in the system. Mobile pallet racks are equipped with emergency buttons, sensor safety barriers, manual release systems, proximity sensors as well as all necessary equipment in accordance with FEM standards. As a result, ÜÇGE DRS MOBİPAL Mobile Shelving System offers occupational safety with the technology it has been developed and makes a significant contribution to the working environment. It allows secure management of warehouses.