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ÜÇGE DRS Intralogistics Solutions Make a Difference in Storage Operations!

ÜÇGE, which produces projects for all business lines in logistics, retail and industry, continues to make a difference and accelerate its growth plans with its new technologies in storage rack systems and smart storage solutions.

ÜÇGE DRS, which serves with an innovative warehouse solutions approach; It carries out successful works as a leading company in its sector with its 47 years of experience, high technology and innovative approach that contributes greatly to the sector. ÜÇGE DRS, which has implemented important studies under the roof of the R&D Center, which is the first in its sector in Turkey; It produces many successful projects within the scope of TÜBİTAK, BEBKA TURQUM and SME support. With its high-tech production lines and internationally accepted products, ÜÇGE DRS responds to the demands of its customers in 77 countries of the world. Priority export market; ÜÇGE DRS exports 40 percent of its production to Europe, Central Asia, North Africa and the Gulf countries.

Emphasizing the investments made in intralogistics technologies, ÜÇGE DRS Robotics Director Tunçer YILDIZ said: “With our high-tech power that directs the storage sector, we are the only domestic company that designs and produces everything from warehouse shelves to robotic technology in an integrated manner within its own structure. “We stand out in both the national and international markets with our innovative products and solutions that we have developed for the smart storage technologies of the future.” said.


Star; “We meet the need to work with high speed, high capacity and optimum stock in storage operations, which is an important process of the logistics network, with our automatic storage systems, which are 100% domestically produced.

The advantage of vertical growth instead of horizontal storage space of automatic warehouse offers businesses higher capacity in fewer square meters. "In addition, efficient use of space, fast stock control, fast order preparation and much simpler business processes are some of the advantages it provides," he said.

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Stating that they have further strengthened their position in the global market with the technology investments they have made, Yıldız said, “By producing our existing and new product groups with the technology investments we have made and integrating them with our ASRS robotic and automation systems, we continue to meet the industry's need for vertical and fully automatic high storage systems up to 40 meters and above. . “Our products of maximum quality and durability empower our customers with the most competitive prices.” said.
ÜÇGE DRS provides fast and problem-free service expectations that stand out in all sectors that plan investments compatible with Industry 4.0; It meets with fully automatic smart warehouse solutions, dark warehouse and unmanned robotic warehouse projects developed in its R&D Center. Turkey's first and only patented mobile rack system MOBİPAL, AUTOPAL shuttle system, unmanned storage PAŞA ASRS system developed separately for pallets and boxes, MULTIPAL system providing in-depth stocking within the building, and ODİS, an automatic vertical stacking system for decreasing square meters despite increasing costs. has developed solutions and continues to develop better ones.
ÜÇGE DRS has accomplished many important firsts in its past, such as 'producing Turkey's first fully automatic smart warehouse systems and developing mobile warehouse systems of which it is still the only domestic manufacturer'. It goes beyond borders with its intralogistics solutions.