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Mezzanine Platform Warehouse Racking Systems

Multi-storey platform warehouse shelving systems are high-altitude mezzanine storey shelves, which are loaded and collected by human power in mezzanine shelf warehouse systems, and are created by creating walking platforms between the shelves and increasing the floors in order to make maximum use of the height and increase efficiency. The number of floors of the warehouse areas and the building height and area can be determined most appropriately.

These systems can be designed as stairs to the upper floor platform storage area, between two units or with side entry. There are surface coating and various decorative shelf options on the upper platform. may be within.

Mezzanine Storey Shelving System

In multi-storey systems, as shelf types or surface types; Chipboard, MDF, plywood, sheet pan or metal grill can be preferred. Especially when choosing a platform surface, the number of people who will travel on this floor can be selected based on metrics such as circulation time and the weight of the material or parcel to be moved. It allows the products to be placed where desired and to be moved when desired. In mezzanine systems, strength is increased by using shelf legs. Thus, it ensures safe use.

In a conventional mezzanine floor shelving system project, the frame built with M60 carrier legs; It is strengthened through adjustment plates, crossbars and consoles. Intermediate crossbars inside the unit strengthen the storage units. In mezzanine shelving systems, shelf legs are produced as pregalvanized ST52 or ST37. 

Mezzanine warehouse systems are designed based on the metrics of sufficient space - ceiling height and the category/number of products to be stored.

2 and 3 layer mezzanine Entresol Warehouse systems are preferred today, especially in the e-commerce sector. It is also the best choice for brands that have products with high-speed circulation or for storage areas that require addressing for many different categories. Shelf prices vary depending on many factors such as the materials to be used and the capacity of the area where they will be applied.

Mezzanine Storage Systems

One of the biggest benefits of mezzanine shelves, perhaps the most important, is that they provide a safe working environment. It is very important that the environment becomes safe. With this system, which provides a safe working environment, employees stack and unload products or goods safely. In this way, the time you spend on order preparation is reduced. It provides practical use without the need for manual loading.

There are stairs between units for entrance/exit to the upper floor. Transportation is easily provided at these points and time is saved. Walking paths are among the elements that greatly increase efficiency.

Employees can move easily with this system, which takes precautions for any possible accident. As the movement area of the materials increases, they become easier to transport and have a positive impact on the shipment. The system, which aims to reduce the burden on employees, also has many advantages. Mezzanine floor systems allow you to use the product in the most optimum way.

You can get information from us for easy installation with its demountable structure, affordable payment facilities and more.

Advantages of Multi-Deck Platform Warehouse Racking Systems

  • It can be easily adapted to customer needs.
  • It allows design according to special needs.
  • Easy addressing can be done.
  • It increases vertical stacking capacity in places with limited warehouse space.
  • It provides the opportunity to store a large number of various products together.
  • It makes it easier for you to create a common area for storage and work.