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Hanging Warehouse Racking Systems

Hanging warehouse shelving systems are preferred for storing medium and light products, especially textile products. Depending on the products of the customers, the eye spacing on the shelves is changed to create a modular system.

This warehouse shelving system is suitable for use with intermediate carrier units placed in a single row or front and back. Especially in textile industry warehouses, textile and fabric products such as coats, jackets, shirts, blouses, etc. After the products are protected against external factors, they are stored manually by hanging them from hangers.

Product circulation is very fast in the ready-made clothing industry. With the changing product designs in the annual sales seasons, products in many different categories in the warehouses of the textile and ready-made clothing sectors circulate the storage area at high speed. At the same time, boutique products are expected to have low warehouse life cycles. Hanging the products in a hanging structure in wall shelf systems provides benefits against fabric and raw material deterioration and damage. You can get detailed information by contacting us.

Hanging Shelf Systems Storage Solutions​

As important as the use of warehouse space for hanging products is, the speed and coordination of the shipment process is equally important.
It is generally more suitable for use in an indoor environment. High efficiency can be achieved with the easy and visible labeling provided by hanging warehouse systems, especially if used with the multi-storey shelving systems concept. Products are stocked in a mezzanine system or by creating your own modular system.
In order to direct the products to shipping operations on time and without damage, intermediate transfer units must be located and planned.
Easy disassembly and assembly makes the system advantageous to use. Hanging shelving systems can offer useful use in spare parts warehouses as a system where products are primarily used. It offers suitable conditions for storing industrial spare parts and raw materials in a suspended storage environment.
With the sales team of ÜÇGE DRS Warehouse Racking Systems, which provides mezzanine shelving systems, warehouse management and storage services for your hanging shelving systems warehouse project and brings companies in this sector together at a common table. communication You can get information by installing .