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Cantilever Arm Warehouse Racking Systems

Cantilever arm shelving systems, open shelving system, pipe, profile, wood, plastic etc. It is used for storing products. Warehouse shelving systems with cantilever arms, uIt provides the opportunity to store products of different lengths side by side and without interruption. It can be adjusted to the desired lengths with additional elements. The console arm shelving system can be adjusted single-sided and double-sided. With the application of pipe shelving systems, it is possible to use it in one direction or with back and front when desired. Open shelf parts can be created at desired weights and heights with adjustable arms. Storage is provided according to weight and volume by changing the distance between the arms.

Features of Cantilever Arm Warehouse Racking Systems

These shelf systems can be produced in two ways, with or without stoppers. Products with stoppers provide safety when taking the material from the shelf or placing it on the shelf. Warehouse shelves with cantilever arms are also known as stopper material. In today's businesses, very long and heavy parts are stacked with this shelving system. Cantilever-arm shelves save space in businesses by keeping aisle distances short. Open shelving system with cantilever arms consists of vertical carrier column, console and rear crosses. It is also suitable for use as a catalog shelf. ÜÇGE DRS shelving systems are produced in our integrated facility in Bursa.

Multi-storey platform warehouse shelving systems are high-altitude mezzanine storey shelves, which are loaded and collected by human power in mezzanine shelf warehouse systems, and are created by creating walking platforms between the shelves and increasing the floors in order to make maximum use of the height and increase efficiency. The number of floors of the warehouse areas and the building height and area can be determined most appropriately.

These systems can be designed as stairs to the upper floor platform storage area, between two units or with side entry. There are surface coating and various decorative shelf options on the upper platform. may be within.

Open Shelving System and Pipe Shelving Systems

  • Profile pipe shelving system can be used in any open or closed area.
  • Cantilever arm shelving systems can provide storage and transportation in blocks.
  • The use of long, bulky and heavy materials is ensured in this shelving system.
  • Your products can be stacked without the need for pallets.
  • There is no limitation in terms of size and carrying capacity and the
    Warehouse shelves can be determined according to the material.
  • Shelf prices also vary for this reason.