ÜÇGE is the Seventh Company with the Most Patents in OIZs in Turkey

ÜÇGE is the Seventh Company with the Most Patents in OIZs in Turkey

ÜÇGE A:Ş was the seventh company that received the most patents in OIZs in Turkey. In the "2020 OSBÜK-OSB Stars" research organized by the Organized Industrial Zones Supreme Organization (OSBÜK) and Turkishtime, which includes hundreds of companies and takes the pulse of the sectors, ÜÇGE ranked 7th in the category of Companies with the Most Patents in OIZs in Turkey. it shined brighter.

ÜÇGE, the supplier of world brands in the field of store equipment and warehouse shelving systems, has taken its place among the leading companies, ranking 7th among the strong companies of our country located in the organized industrial zone, with the patents it has received from past to present. ÜÇGE provides equipment in the stores and markets of world brands, from shelves to cash registers, from fruit and vegetable sections to bakery products, from textile sections to showcases. It also creates thousands of square meters of robotic smart warehouses for retail, logistics and industrial companies. ÜÇGE, which always develops projects with the vision of being a world player, continues to lead the development and transformation of the sector with the innovative projects it has developed and the patents it has received as Turkey's first and only R&D Center in its field.

As ÜÇGE, we have pioneered the change in the sector with the innovations we have made in the sector since our establishment.

ÜÇGE AŞ General Manager Esra Güven, who leads the innovative road map of the institution with her visionary approach, made an evaluation about the important rankings received recently; “As ÜÇGE, we attach great importance to R&D studies in order to always pave the way for the sector, direct the developments, and contribute to the positive development of the sector as well as its evolution. In this sense, beyond playing the game by the rules, we allocate great resources to rewrite the rules and invest in qualified manpower. In order to pave the way for our own customers, we analyze the expectations and needs of end consumers and investigate the impact of changing consumption behaviors on the brands that are our customers. We direct our investments from a broad perspective in order to foresee how a change we make in one link of a chain of the sector will affect it, right down to its last link. For this reason, we attach special importance to the patent issue when planning our automation-oriented, smart digital retail and storage solutions.

As ÜÇGE, since the day we were founded, we have laid the foundations of our current distinctive brand position by designing products and systems that will pave the way for sectoral change in the national and global markets. We systematized these works and protected them with patents and design registrations. In the last three years, we have registered 16 patents/utility models and 18 design registrations. We have implemented many other innovations that will benefit the sectors we serve. There are also patent applications that we are working on. Our company received the "Good Design Award" at the Design Turkey "Industrial Design Awards" in 2017 and 2019, and the "First Company to Apply for the Most Patents in the Furniture Sector in Bursa in 2012-2016" award in 2017, and the latest "Research" award prepared with 2020 data. In the "Ge 250" research, we are proud to add value with the mission of always moving the sector further, by ranking 41st in Turkey according to the Number of Design Registrations Received in the R&D Center and 42nd in Turkey according to the Number of Patents Received.
“ÜÇGE has an ecosystem that constantly nurtures the culture of innovation”
At ÜÇGE, we direct our R&D studies based on our long-term goals rather than short-term goals. Thus, we are implementing projects that will direct our five- and even ten-year goals. Our main starting point is to become unique while providing benefits to our customers with high value-added products and projects. Thus, we differentiate our brand and increase our competitiveness. As a result, the fact that the most important brands of the world retail industry, as well as domestic brands, trust ÜÇGE's power and prefer us in store equipment and shelving systems project operations is the greatest proof of our current achievements.