Türkiye's Largest Mobile Warehouse featured

Turkey's Largest Mobile Warehouse


ÜÇGE DRS Warehouse Racking Systems, Turkey's only domestic mobile shelving manufacturer, has broken new ground in its sector. It has implemented Turkey's largest mobile warehouse, which is 100% domestically produced.
Making a statement on the subject, ÜÇGE DRS Sales and Marketing Director Levent Şahin said, “We have solved the high capacity and less space-consuming warehouse need of Standart Pompa, a leader in the centrifugal pump industry, with the MOBILE SHELF system. "Although it is one of the most comprehensive warehouses of its kind, we have shown how efficient the work can be achieved by managing the system with only one personnel," he said.
The system is Turkey's largest mobile warehouse by total tonnage.

Stating that the system holds the distinction of being the largest mobile warehouse in terms of total tonnage, Şahin continued his words as follows: "While a maximum capacity of 1400 pallets can be reached when a classical warehouse application is made in the field, ÜÇGE DRS, which serves with innovative warehouse solutions, has increased the warehouse to 3300 pallet capacity in 400 m2, thanks to the Mobipal Mobile warehouse application. . Mobile Shelving System, which enables vertical stocking and opening of aisle spaces only according to the desired material, allowing maximum storage in minimum space, has become the best solution for the company. "Each mobile car weighs an average of 180 tons and there are a total of 15 cars in the system."