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M60 Warehouse Racking Systems

M60 Warehouse Racking Systems are shelving systems created for the storage of parcels, boxes and partial loads of different sizes. Access to each loading compartment is extremely practical and fast. The shelves in the system are covered with sheet metal, wood and wire grills to place the products. While they can be installed only for this purpose, they can also be used with pallet systems. These systems are used in many sectors. It is used in spare parts warehouses of companies, storage of hanging and packaged products, DIY stores, fabric warehouses, storage needs for file and archive purposes, production areas, retail stores, etc. It meets the needs in meeting many needs. The features of the shelves in the system are determined according to product dimensions and weights, and they can be produced with the desired features. Thanks to the disassembly feature, the distances between floors can be adjusted as desired. Additionally, it can be easily moved from the installation area to another location.

M60 Warehouse Racking Systems Features

It is the most suitable storage system for small size, medium volume and weight products. It can be integrated with other systems and provides the opportunity for co-installation. Since the M60 system is modular and consists of small-sized parts, assembly/disassembly operations can be practical and done quickly. It allows easy access to products and easy preparation of orders. If a large number of small-sized products are stored in these systems, pan racks can be mounted between the crossbars.