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Curtain Wall Storage Racking System

Curtain wall storage shelving system, also defined as shell system, warehouse application can be created with any kind of warehouse shelving system. The shell system is a structural element that can consist of three-dimensional curvilinear or folded plates, which has a small thickness compared to other dimensions. It is a more efficient and economical warehouse option, especially in high-rise warehouse preferences.

Curtain wall warehouses; In case of a building requirement only for warehouse purposes, it is achieved by designing the warehouse shelving system as if it were a single carrier, without any building investment, and by mounting the facade purlin, facade panel, roof truss, roof purlin and roof panels on the shelving system.

Cladding systems are a modern building material in terms of aesthetics. It is an advantageous product in many respects that surrounds the building as well as in the exterior cladding and facade systems of the building. Preservation of natural light is also an important element in facade systems.

While this storage racking system and systems meet the need for shelving, it also eliminates the need for a roof and exterior facade required for the warehouse. In this way, it is a fast and economical solution.

In the cladding shelving system, the shelf legs act as columns, thus preventing space losses arising from the columns and beams required for the facade cladding building.

What are the Advantages of Narrow Aisle Warehouse Racking System?

  • Since there is no building construction process, it provides cost and deadline advantages.
  • It saves space by preventing column and beam losses.
  • Possibility of use with standard and automatic stackers.
  • Since it is modular and disassembled, it can be moved and assembled to different places.

Curtain Wall Storage Racking System Features

Since warehouse shelves can be made at the desired height, the facade cladding warehouse shelf system prevents loss of space by providing maximum three-dimensional benefit from the space to be used. Nowadays, facade cladding warehouse shelving systems reaching a height of 40 meters can be made.

This warehouse shelving system allows all types of product groups to be stacked in accordance with any storage method and stored under desired conditions.

The facade cladding warehouse racking system is very advantageous compared to other building types in cases such as moving the demounted warehouse to another place or expanding / contracting where it is.

Curtain wall system that provides maximum storage in minimum space; It is a more economical investment. It provides faster construction time and therefore the commissioning of the warehouse in a shorter time.