Zorlu Holding Korteks Yarn
Automatic Pallet AS/RS Warehouse Racking System

Korteks Automatic Pallet AS/RS Storage System, developed by ÜÇGE DRS Warehouse Racking Systems with the experience of robotic industrial storage technologies for the last 15 years and put into operation through the investment of Zorlu Holding Korteks İplik brand, was put into operation after a period of 13 months. Zorlu Holding Korteks İplik brand, which has a yarn production capacity of 580 tons per day, is one of the strongest companies in the textile industry in Turkey that wants to strengthen its warehouse and shipping processes with autonomous activities, and has implemented an automatic warehouse system with sustainable new generation technology at low cost. 

Korteks İplik, which defines the storage capacity target to be at least 10,000 pallets and directs the project to investment, as a result of the feasibility studies made through digital warehouse twin and process simulations; A comparison was made with the VNA narrow aisle back-to-back system and as a result, ÜÇGE DRS Warehouse Racking Systems' patented Automatic AS/RS system preferred PAŞA. 

Focusing on the project with the vision of high capacity, efficient area control and high order preparation speed, ÜÇGE DRS and Korteks İplik teams were deemed worthy of 2022 Efficiency awards with the award ceremony held at the 7th Robot Investments Summit and Exhibition Fair. 

Zorlu Holding Korteks İplik AS/RS Warehouse Project Information

Warehouse Height
Warehouse Length
Tank Depth
Total area

Zorlu Holding Korteks Yarn Stock Capacity​

0 piece
Total Pallet Capacity
0 piece
Ramp Stock Capacity (pallet)
0 piece
Pallet per m²

AS/RS with VNA System
System Comparison

Why Zorlu Holding Korteks İplik decided on “Smart Warehouse”.
Here are the most important reasons
  • The need to use the workforce efficiently
  • Need for high cycle speed
  • Efficient use of space and height
  • Error-free stock control
  • Access to the products in the warehouse directly and at the desired time
  • FIFO, Batch number etc. % 100 accurate tracking of criteria
  • Warehouse management in line with Industry 4.0 standards
  • Warehouse operation with 'good to man' method
  • Termination of product damage caused by manual stock movements
  • ERP-WMS Full integration
  • The dominance of 'Control' logic in storage

By VNA System Comparison
AS/RS System Benefits

Loading/Unloading Speed
Staff Efficiency
Wasted Forklift
Capacity increase
Stock Per Area

AS/RS Automatic Warehouse System Advantages

Zorlu Holding
Korteks Yarn Project Outputs

Zorlu Holding Korteks Yarn
AS/RS Project Trailer


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