ÜÇGE, in the "R&D 250" research prepared by Turkishtime with the data of the year 2020, is ranked 41st in Turkey according to the Number of Design Registrations Received at the R&D Center and 42nd in Turkey according to the Number of Patents Received, always furthering its industry. is proud of adding value with its transportation mission.

“ÜÇGE has an ecosystem that constantly fosters a culture of innovation”

ÜÇGE is a Turkish company that is among the most important companies in the world in its sector. World brands equip their stores and markets with ÜÇGE equipment, from the shelf to the cash register, from the fruit and vegetable section to the bakery section, from the textile section to the showcase. Retail, logistics and industrial companies prefer ÜÇGE's technological and robotic storage systems in their logistics warehouses of thousands of square meters. ÜÇGE produces projects for these brands as a concept covering not only products but also all elements from A to Z.

The secret of this power is the fact that it has an ecosystem that has constantly fed the innovation culture since its establishment.

Triangle Patent

ÜÇGE Store Equipments Inc. General Director Esra Güven made statements about the development and future goals of R&D studies at ÜÇGE;

 “As ÜÇGE, we have laid the foundations of our current distinctive brand position by designing products and systems that will differentiate our brand in the national and global markets since the day we were established. We systematized these works and protected them with patents and design registrations. At this point, our company, which is the leader of its sector in the country and among the top five in Europe, aims to be one of the three leading companies in the international arena. Within the framework of this vision, we can say that establishing an in-house R&D systematic and following the developments through our technology roadmaps and 5-10-year long-term plans instead of daily targets move us forward in the sector faster. By adding new, valuable and hard-to-imitate qualities to our products, we are able to offer unique projects that will benefit our customers. Thus, we differentiate our brand and increase our competitive power. In conclusion, the biggest proof of these achievements is that not only local and national brands but also important brands of the world retail industry trust ÜÇGE for their store equipment and shelf systems and prefer us.

“We allocate our earnings to new technology-focused investments and R&D studies”

As ÜÇGE, we allocate our earnings to technology-oriented new investments and R&D studies. R&D investments have a significant share in our budget. ÜÇGE generates ideas, designs and develops projects with its professional team of 45 people within its R&D Center and the common synergy of all its departments, both for the development of the sector, to increase the competitiveness of Turkey in the global market, and to add more value to our country and the world. Since our establishment, we have implemented many innovations that will be the first in the sector. In the last three years, we have registered 16 patents/utility models and 18 design registrations. Industries we serve We have implemented many more innovations that will be beneficial. There are also patent applications that we are currently working on. Our company has been awarded the "Good Design Award" in the Design Turkey "Industrial Design Awards" in 2017 and 2019, and the "First Firm with the Most Patent Applications in the Furniture Sector in Bursa in 2012-2016" award, and crowned its work in this field with awards.

“We will soon launch our new software/automation focused Smart Products and Sustainable Future focused new products to the market”

The future is in digital… We are setting our goals on this digital transformation path. Within the scope of the future R&D strategies of ÜÇGE, it is aimed to develop automation-oriented products for the retail and logistics world of the future, as well as to develop products and systems with high energy efficiency, environmental pollution and recycling awareness and reducing carbon footprint, contributing to our world, nature and the environment. we focused. In these processes, we also develop our collaborations with universities, research centers and industry under the umbrella of R&D. As a result of these efforts, we will soon launch our new software/automation focused Smart Products and Sustainable Future focused new products to the market very soon.


“We Must Channelize Value Creation”

The government provides significant support to companies within the scope of technology, R&D and patent studies. We also have applications for industry-university collaborations. Companies should take advantage of these important supports and channel them to create value. We would like to emphasize that it is very important to move forward with a corporate approach that is knitted with curiosity, enthusiasm, patience, and at the same time sustainable and internalized. We should focus on technology and R&D projects and strive towards branding. We should aim to increase the added value created by our exports more with the brand value.”


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