ÜÇGE, antimikrobiyal özelliği ile en çok dokunulan yüzeylerdeki tüm mikrobikleri %99,9 oranında yok eden yeni markası iCu’yu ve lansman ürününü tanıttı. iCu markalı ürünler, toplum sağlığı için güvenli temas alanı sağlayarak tüm sektörlerin ihtiyacına cevap verecek yenilikçi bir çözüm olarak pazara sunuldu.

ÜÇGE continues to introduce new products for all sectors. iCu Making a statement about the brand, ÜÇGE Marketing Sales Director Murat Kurtçu said, “With the Covid19 pandemic process, which has affected the whole world, the search for new alternatives and orientations in the field of hygiene has increased. With this sense of responsibility, we focused on projects for public health and developed a hygienic product brand developed by ÜÇGE with an innovative approach. iCu appeared. People iCu They will be able to safely touch their contact areas at every point where they see the brand”.

ICU branded products

iCu yüzeyindeki mikrobiklerin %99,9 unu yok ediyor

Kurtçu underlined that the products with the iCu brand provide safe contact points with the special alloy they contain.Generally, we are exposed to many viruses, bacteria and microbes that spread easily by touch in areas where circulation and common contact are intense, such as health facilities, hospitals, markets and stores, hotels, schools, private and public institutions, public transportation vehicles. We tend to use chemical disinfectants intensively or we have to contact them in some way. The special alloy used in our iCu branded products is capable of removing even the most dangerous microbes formed by human contact. every minute of contact begins to kill more and more immediately ve 2 saat içinde %99,9’unun öldürülerek yok edilmesine destek oluyor. Our products with the iCu brand are manufactured using Antimicrobial Metals class alloys in accordance with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. iCu is also our registered trademark, whose products are tested and documented in the university laboratory. 

iCu; An Important Investment for “Social Responsibility” for Community Health

Kurtcu; He underlined that the investments that businesses will make with products with the iCu brand will also add added value as an investment that will support brand image and loyalty, especially within the scope of social responsibility for public health.

iCu for Secure Touchpoint

Kurtçu also made a statement about the launch product of the iCu brand, “As a company that has been serving the retail industry for forty-five years in the field of store equipment and warehouse shelf systems.In the surveys and researches we have done, we have seen that the contact points that people are most anxious about in stores and markets are shopping carts.. Based on this, we implemented the launch product of the iCu brand in grocery carts. In addition to the grocery trolley handle product, our product range for the retail sector also includes products such as order picker handles, dressing cabinet handles, which are intensive contact points. We and industry brands have a great responsibility in terms of both public health and a safe and hygienic shopping experience. In this context, we will soon begin to see and experience our products, which are of great interest to our customers, in shopping stores. iCu products to our customers; We offer production flexibility, product variety and advantageous prices.”

Kurtçu also said, “iCu also provides solutions to the needs of all businesses within the scope of health and hygiene with a product range that will include many contact point products such as door handles, furniture accessories, stair railings in all sectors.”


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