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Productivity Award for ÜÇGE DRS Project

05 October 2022

ÜÇGE DRS Warehouse Shelving Systems participated in the Robot Investments Summit and Exhibition, which is the largest organization in Turkey focusing only on robotic solutions, bringing together all stakeholders in the industry and brought together by ST Alternatif Fuarcılık, with fully automatic warehouse solutions and new generation technology smart vertical solutions. took place with ODIS, which is a stacking system.

ÜÇGE DRS, a global brand with its production and technology power, at its stand at the Robot Investments Summit and Exhibition, which was held with the theme of efficiency this year; It hosted its visitors as a company that steers the "Industrial Transformation" process with its high technology and innovative approach that makes a great contribution to the sector.

Zorlu Holding Korteks İplik ASRS

ÜÇGE DRS Transforms Warehouse Areas into High-Tech Structures

During the summit that took place, important issues for the manufacturing industry were discussed in the panels attended by the representatives of the participating companies and experts in their fields as speakers. Tunçer YILDIZ, who took part as a speaker within the scope of the panel, shared his experiences in the sector with the visitors with his presentation titled "An Exemplary Robotic Warehouse (AS/SR) Application for the Textile Industry". YILDIZ drew attention to the productivity-enhancing aspects of the AS/RS Warehouse System; “The need to use the workforce efficiently, error-free stock control, direct and timely access to the products, and a warehouse management in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards are some of the most important reasons for deciding on a Smart Warehouse,” he said. 
2022 productivity awards

Evaluating the successful fair, ÜÇGE DRS Robotic Racking Systems Director Tunçer YILDIZ said: “The supply chain problems in the world, the search for efficiency, the cost of space and the employee organization showed how sensitive the management of warehouses is and a game-changing factor. As ÜÇGE DRS, we focused on this aspect of the sector a long time ago and focused on technological and error-free manageable warehouse projects. 

Fast, smooth and integrated service expectations that stand out in all sectors that are planning investments in line with Industry 4.0; We welcome you with ASRS PAŞA and MULTIPAL, our fully automatic, 100% domestic, smart warehouse solutions. In addition, we produce competitive solutions for decreasing square meters despite increasing costs with our mobile shelf MOBIPAL and shuttle AUTOPAL semi-automatic systems and our image processing software that provides digital tracking in manual warehouses. In addition to all these, we also make a difference with our local and unique solution, “Automatic Vertical Stacking System – ODIS”, which we developed for the management of pocket warehouses and consumables needed in many stages of industry and logistics.” said.

Zorlu Holding Korteks İplik ASRS

ÜÇGE DRS received the “Efficiency Award” at the summit

ÜÇGE DRS, the Automatic Warehouse System with a capacity of 11,000 pallets AS/RS PAŞA, implemented in Zorlu Holding Korteks İplik company, at the "Productivity Awards" organization, which was held for the first time this year within the scope of ST Industry Summits, in order to announce the projects that provide efficiency in production processes and to raise awareness in this field, reducing labor costs. and the efficiency achieved as a result of the high increase in operational speed capacity, was deemed worthy of the 2022 Efficiency Award.

The award received by ÜÇGE DRS for the Automatic Warehouse System AS/RS PAŞA, implemented by Zorlu Holding Korteks İplik, was presented to ÜÇGE DRS Robotic Systems Director Tunçer Yıldız, while Murat Güney, Deputy General Manager of Korteks Machinery, Energy & IT, gave efficiency due to warehouse investments. award was given.

In the organized organization, awards were presented to the companies that made investments to increase efficiency in factories and implemented the project, from energy efficiency to robotic production, from digitalization to process applications implemented in different sectors.


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