Autopal Shuttle Warehouse Racking System

Autopal Shuttle warehouse system is a semi-automated shuttle racking system that consists of stacking pallets of the same size on top of each other and in depth, one after the other, loading and unloading them into the warehouse rack systems channel with the help of a shuttle device. Palletized products are known as the most optimum automatic warehouse to be stored at the right point by moving around with boxes or any stacking method. It is an ideal method for stocking heavy and light loads.

Autopal shuttle racks device, which can be managed with remote control, has an electromechanical structure and is very useful in terms of speed and safety thanks to its special lithium-ion battery and laser readers. The shuttle system, which is preferred for loading and returning operations within the structural construction formed by the carrier feet and sleepers, is included in the system with the help of a forklift in the first stage.

walk-in warehouses, back to back rack systems And M60 warehouse racking systemsIt is a storage system that is more resistant to earthquakes than ÜÇGE DRS Autopal shuttle system shuttle depot, which meets the demands of warehouse and occupational safety and international storage standards with all its lines, can be installed in accordance with all tall structures according to the structure of the building.

Within the Autopal shuttle depot system kit; Autopal Shuttle robot, lithium-ion battery, remote control, battery charger, wooden shipping box and user manual are included. The distances to be left between the pallets can be adjusted manually via the control during and after the project. As ÜÇGE DRS, we optimize our systems according to the needs of our customers. 

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Semi-Automated Warehouse Racking Systems

It can work in accordance with the fifo and lifo principle, according to all types of operations and the layout in the projects. It is not obligatory to place the same type of product in each corridor on the shuttle shelves, and products in different articles can be placed on each floor in the floors within the corridor. Push-back shelving makes it easy for you to optimize space usage. Storage space is saved without considering the cost of goods sold. It provides maximum use of the existing space volume. It is among the most preferred in our storage services. It is a very suitable system for companies providing goods storage services.

It is possible to work with all kinds of forklift trucks. It can work up to -30 degrees in cold rooms and cold storage. It can be used safely in cold storage. It is a tested and CE certified system. (certified IEC/EN 60068-2-1:2007 at -25°C)


What Does the Shuttle Warehouse Racking System Offer?

  • Unit cooling in all kinds of frozen foods is preferred because it reduces costs compared to conventional systems.
  • It can be used wherever there is a demand for 40-50 pallet insertion/retraction speed catching in an hour.
  • Thanks to this robust system, it can be converted into a cladding (shell system) application without using additional reinforcing structural equipment.
  • Classical, drive-in systemIt also increases operator productivity by eliminating the need to unload other pallets to retrieve pallets from behind. Therefore, it is considered as a system that has a significant contribution on warehouse operations and logistics shipment stages.
  • It saves the floor of the warehouse area and works in different axes. as rs automated storage system It has the infrastructure that offers many systems such as It provides conveyor systems services with the principle of working with computer systems. The most effective solution in the filling and unloading system of the materials in the warehouse is in these system areas.
  • Compared to the classical drive-in systems, the shuttle storage system minimizes the rack cost per pallet according to the area.
  • It is possible to adapt to both LIFO: last-in, first-out lifo method and FIFO: first-in, first-out warehouse operation models.
  • In terms of unit cost, AS/RS systems require lower investment costs.
  • Warehouse management is compatible with WMS software. Autopal semi-automatic storage systems; It can be projected with a fully automatic pallet placing and pallet racking system.
  • All movements of the Autopal shuttle device are transmitted to the device via the remote control. 4 autopal shuttle devices can be managed with one remote control. Thanks to the smart control feature, the functions, faults and alarms during operation can be followed directly from the LCD screen on the control, without having to see the shuttle.
  • Autopal mekiğin aküsü, lityum iyon teknolojisi sayesinde 5 saat içerisinde %100 dolum imkânı sağlar. Ayrıca, kurşun jel akülere kıyasla en az 3 kat daha uzun kullanım ömrü elde edilir. Kolay ve süratli akü değişimi yapılır.
  • The carrying capacity of the Autopal device is 1,500 kilograms. Pallet weights must be known in order for the products to move quickly with the shuttle and to maintain the continuity of the system.
  • Since it has a completely electromechanical walking and lifting system, undesirable problems such as oil leakage, seal and o-ring wear, hydraulic pump failure, which are chronic problems in other alternative shuttle devices and caused by the hydraulic system, are eliminated.
  • As a result of the R&D studies carried out to improve the performance of the console set and rail stopper connection equipment, maximum equipment life has been achieved.
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Autopal Shuttle Depot System
Autopal Shuttle Depot System

What are the Advantages of Shuttle Warehouse Racking System?

  • Weldless production
  • Ease of installation
  • Patented industrial design
  • Production of the whole system from galvanized material
  • Having a semi-automatic system that is safer than other manual in-depth systems
  • Providing maximum storage in minimum space
  • Since it is a semi-automatic system, the product loading and unloading speed is high.
  • First-in, first-out (FIFO) and last-in, first-out (LIFO)
  • Availability of infrastructure for gradual transition to fully automatic storage

What are the Elements to be Considered in the Shuttle Warehouse Racking System?

  • Autopal device is a very suitable system for stacking 800x1200mm euro pallets and 1000x1200mm euro pallets.
  • The pallet dimensions to be used in the project stages should be determined and the shuttle device should be ordered accordingly. When it comes to using pallets of different sizes, a separate shuttle device should be selected for each different pallet model or a device should be used according to the average pallet capacity and dimensions.
  • During the projecting phase, it should be determined whether there is product overflow on the pallets. Rail lengths should be calculated accordingly.
  • The distances to be left between the pallets must be decided during the project process.
  • The size, wood quality, production methods of the pallets to be used must comply with the euro norms. Considering the daily and hourly number of pallet entries and exits in the warehouse, a decision should be made according to these data in the design and determination of the number of devices.
  • In order for the products on the pallets to remain stable, after the packaging is wrapped with stretch film, there should be no excess stretch film sagging at the bottom. The products on the pallets should not be tilted to the right or left.

It can perform FIFO application from both directions of loading and unloading in the system. Due to the pallets taken from the front, it makes room for new pallets at the back by carrying the remaining pallets to the front. It can perform this movement with a single command on the controller. It allows you to make profit by shortening the stacking path. It significantly reduces your operating costs.

Thanks to the extra 'walk control system' thanks to the shuttle racks, it automatically stops the movement without causing any driver failure as a result of the pause of the movement due to excessive pallet overflows or obstacles on the rail and it automatically comes to the rail.

What are the Advantages of Autopal Shuttle Shuttle Device?

  • Compatibility in one device for different pallet sizes
  • Optimal speed algorithm for extending battery life
  • Safe deceleration and stopping algorithm
  • The distance between the pallets can be adjusted from the remote
  • User-friendly control icons and easy-to-use menu
  • Users can adjust the screen brightness of the remote according to the ambient brightness.
  • Sıcak havada güvenle kullanabilme, testleri yapılmış ve CE sertifikalı. +40°C %85 Rh’de sertifikalı IEC/EN 60068-2-78:2007
  • Ensuring that the device returns to the rail in error situations
  • Long distance operation with remote control (> 90 meters)
  • Special algorithm for handling high and non-rigid loads
Autopal Shuttle Depot System
Autopal Shuttle Depot System

In after-sales maintenance and services, the trained and equipped personnel of ÜÇGE DRS is ready to serve you 24/7. Our company ÜÇGE Warehouse Shelving Systems, which reflects all kinds of customer demands with care and diligence in the production and projecting stages of storage systems, has special energy algorithms that not every warehouse manufacturer in the sector has. 

While offering the products requested from the production facilities in Bursa, according to the demands of the warehouse systems of the whole world and customer requests, it acts with the vision of leadership in the sector, among the manufacturers of shuttle rack systems.

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