Mobipal Mobile Warehouse Racking Systems

Mobipal mobile warehouse racking systems are a system in which shelves are built on a mobile base, plinth and guided by rails on the floor. Driven by an electric motor, the mobile base-to-base moves along the tracks to open one or more access aisles. These products, which can store heavy loads, are also an extremely compact storage solution.

ÜÇGE mobile shelving system is equipped with a modern control system. The modular concept allows you to create the perfect system for your requirements. back to back or narrow corridor By reorganizing the aisles of shelving systems into spaces for logistics and other functions, mobile shelving creates new spaces in space and efficiently optimizes your storage capacity. Warehouse shelf models and warehouse shelf prices vary according to the suitability of the application area. such as walk-in warehouse racking systems Provides a mobile application.

Mobipal_movable warehouse racking system
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Features of Mobipal Mobile Warehouse Racking Systems

Mobipal mobile warehouse racking systems are warehouse racking systems that allow the maximum height of warehouse areas to be used in the most effective and efficient way. The most suitable storey number for the height of the warehouse usage area of the rack systems is determined by the feasibility result. Industrial warehouse shelving systems, which can be produced in many ways, are mobile shelving systems. It provides space saving from the floor and space by increasing the storage capacity at a very high rate. It has a compact structure that provides optimum capacity space.

The combination of ÜÇGE mobile shelving, ideal for shelf system use for frozen storage product storage, and storage systems expertise, powerful electrical drives and efficient system configurations make our mobipal mobile solutions the first choice for frozen storage warehouses.

Their compact nature and resultant dense storage environment means that significantly less 'fresh air' needs to be temperature controlled, thus helping to significantly reduce overall costs. Provides maximum efficiency from chilled air and reduces energy costs. It greatly affects the cooling and heating costs positively.

Safe and Accident-Free Work with OHS Precautions Taken
Mobile pallet racks are equipped with emergency stop switches, photoelectric access barriers, manual release systems, proximity sensors as well as photoelectric safety barriers. As a result, our mobile shelving solutions make a significant contribution to a perfectly functioning and accident-free working environment in your warehouse.

Smart Controlled Mobile Racking Systems
The ÜÇGE mobile racking system is equipped with a modern programmed logic controller (PLC) with integrated safety features. The modular concept allows you to create the perfect system for your individual wishes and needs.

Mobipal warehouse racking systems
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