BURSA (UAV) – The images that emerged from the earthquake in Düzce once again revealed the importance of the shelves.

While there was no loss of life in the 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Düzce, many buildings were damaged. The images reflected on the security cameras, on the other hand, revealed how important the shelves are in markets and similar businesses. ÜÇGE DRS Warehouse Shelving Systems Robotics Director Tuncer Yıldız, who stated that while the earthquake resistant living structures are controlled by the regulation, the quality and installation of the shelves are not sufficient to prevent loss of life and property, and said, “Store and market equipment falls into the group of light load carrying systems. It is produced at human height as well. The first of the most important reasons why the shelves installed here are resistant to earthquakes starts with the quality of the material. After the material quality comes the production quality. Basically, there are wall and middle sections in the market. Since the sections on the wall are high and narrow, it is necessary to fix these products to the wall, just like the cabinets in the houses, in order to increase the earthquake resistance. The middle sections, on the other hand, are less risky products as they are wide and not too high. Of course, these products must also be produced and assembled in accordance with the standards. Therefore, product groups that are especially at risk of tipping in a market should be fixed both in the direction of the wall and on the existing building floor. The fall of products on the shelves can be compensated in some way. However, the overturning of the shelves can affect the lives of people who will be there," he said.

 Stating that the earthquake in Düzce was very sad, Yıldız said, “We, as a company, have warehouses in that region. After the earthquake, we contacted our customers in the region. Nothing negative has come to us so far. Many companies even called us and thanked us. We were pleased that they informed us that their existing structures are still standing and that their products are not damaged. There are 4 main factors associated with the creation of secure repositories. The first of these is design and production in accordance with national and/or international standards.

 Just as the earthquake was overcome with minimum damage thanks to the vital structures in compliance with the standards in this earthquake, in the same way, when standards are applied in warehouse rack systems, storage systems that will not cause loss of property and life can be implemented. 

As a company that offers storage rack systems and smart storage solutions to all business lines in logistics, retail and industry with 46 years of experience in the sector, we design and produce rack systems in accordance with international standards. We apply the standards valid in both Europe and America. The second important issue is material quality. We pay attention to the use of high-strength steel. The third is production. We have a high-tech production facility for the processing of high-strength steel and other materials, and our investments in this area continue. Finally, it is the safe assembly of the produced shelves in place. Here, too, it is very important to use appropriate methods and tools with a professional team. Especially when these 4 main headings are taken into account, we will build earthquake resistant warehouse areas.


  Stating that the system works a little better in Turkey in buildings where people live, Yıldız said, “There are specifications and inspectors regarding earthquakes. The flow about the emergence of a safe structure is moving fast. However, in warehouse rack systems, the subjects are not handled so disciplined. There is a standard. However, a secure workflow may not work on both the producer and the consumer side in terms of inspection and production. From time to time, we see examples of insecure warehouse racking systems in the field. 

In order to ensure full discipline, important duties fall on producers like us, consumers and companies that provide audit by taking a role in between. Human life is more at stake than material damage. Therefore, it should be very important to make warehouse rack systems in accordance with the standards without entering these troubles and concerns into economic conditions.


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